Wednesday, June 21, 2017

7 Small “Mistakes” You May Be Making On Leg Day At The Gym

Ah, leg day Such a love-hate relationship.

You love the #BootyGains. But you hate the inability to walk any sort of distance for after.

Yesterday, I embarked on leg day for the first time in awhile. I thought I could start right where I left off months ago.

Bad move.

Considering the fact that my left hamstring currently feels identical to the consistency of Jell-O, I can’t help butwonder if I’m making any other mistakes on my journey to toned thighs.

Here are seven mistakes you’re probably making when leg day rolls around.

Make these small adjustments, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a squatting superstar.

1. Your Knees Are Straying Inward

Letting your knees stray inward during squats probably doesn’t seem like a big deal in the moment, but it highly increases your risk for injury especially ACL tears.

To avoid this, add strength bands to your squats as a little reminder to outwardly rotate your knees.

Strengthening your hip abductors can also help your form, according to

2. You Neglect Your Hammies

Out of sight out of mind, amirite?

Not when it comes to leg day.

Yeah, you can’t see your hamstrings, so you might feel compelled to leave them out of your routine.

But this can cause pesky muscle strains and more serious knee problems down the line.

Here’s an at-home hamstring workout you can do to round out your leg routine no equipment required.

I’m down.

3. You Round Your Back

Quality over quantity especially when it comes to your quads.

Sometimes, it can be tempting to speed through reps just to get it over with. But neglecting your form particularly rounding your back is a direct road injuring your spine.

If available, ask a friend to spot you and check up on your form. An extra set of eyes is always helpful when it comes to heavier weights.

4. You Look Up

Don’t look now But science says that shifting your gaze during a squat sesh could compromise your spinal alignment.

Rounding your cervical spineputs a good amount of pressure onyour neck disks. This is a serious leg day no-no.

Try to keep your gaze neutral, and just look straight at yourself in the mirror.

Piece of cake, you sexy beast.

5. You Add Cardio

Trust me, I know the feeling when you don’t break a sweat during a lift and just want to add in a nice run to get that rush of endorphins.

But getting too caught up in cardio could be stopping you from seeing progress in all your hard leg-day work.

Oh, and hopping on the StairMaster before doing some split-squats is also a wise choice. Intense cardio prior toweight training will just tire you out, leading you to be less likely to complete all your reps.

6. You Plan Leg Day For Friday

This isn’t scientifically proven or anything, but I’m just looking out for you, fam.

There’s no denying that you’ll be super sore post-leg-day, and dedicating your Friday to the booty gains might totally ruin your weekend plans.

I’ve been there. A friend asks if I want to go out to a dance-y club on Saturday night, and I have to make up some excuse about how busy I am, when in reality, I’m cancelling because I’m sore AF.

Leg Day: one. Georgina: zero.

Dead lifts earlier in the week make room for more dancing on the weekend.

7. You Avoid The Squat

Squatting is hard but it’s worth it.

You reallywon’t want to avoid this move for a well-rounded leg day.

According to, the squat targetsevery single muscle in your legs. Exercise efficiency at its finest, my friends.

Incorporating this classic leg-burnerinto your routine will let you jump higher, run quicker, it’ll make your butt perkier, and it’ll help you avoid injuries.

BRB, heading to the squat rack.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

This Is How Long You Can Wait To Shower After The Gym, Ya Filthy Animal

Youre at work and 12:30 p.m. rolls around. Its lunchtime, but your late breakfast has left your tummy full and your body itching to get up and move.

A SoulCycle class is seductively whispering your name, but you youre just going to return to your desk smelling like a day-old burrito.

Stewing in your own sweaty filth at your desk is probably the fastest way to lose your invitation to the offices annual holiday party.

Maybe you could just change your clothes, throw on a little extra deodorant, and spray yourself with an entire bottle of vanilla perfume until your stench is even remotely tolerable?

You know youvethought about it. But, honestly, how bad can it possibly beto skip a shower after a sweaty workout?

According to ,in terms of protecting yourself from illness, you really dont have to hop in the tub nearly as often as you think even after a gym session.

In fact,sweat itself is actually sterile. If youve ever wondered why your armpits smell so bad when youre sweating, while your legs are totally fine, its because of good old bromhidrosis(the fancy medical term for B.O.).

Bromhidrosisis caused by secretion from your apocrine glands, which are located near your underarms and your groin.

But the sweat that comes from those glands doesnt immediately come out of you all smelly.

Its actually the bacteria on your skin, which mixes with the sweat, that creates those unpleasant odors. And the amount of bacteria on someones skin varies from person to person.

So, basically, if you happen to not have as much bacteria chilling on your skin, youre #blessed, and you can wait longer than the rest of us to take your post-workout shower.

If youre still feeling a little grossed out by the whole idea, Eva Glasrud, a psychologist and life coach at The Happy Talent, told SheKnows,

When you shower, basically nothing happens.

You wash away sweat and dirt, but the bacteria count on your skin doesnt really change. Hence, you feel clean, but, biologically, youre the same.

Still not totally sold?

Well, your hair could use a break from the shower, too. Lynne Goldberg, a dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Centers hair clinic, told Business Insider that washing your hair too much can strip your luscious locks of oil and dry out your scalp.

So, what it really comes down to is being mindful of the key, stinky areas on your body: the pits and the groin.

Other than that, feel free to bask in your natural, day-old burrito smell for a day, or maybe even two. It wont hurt, I promise.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This Is What A Single Gym Session Can Do For Your Brain, According To Science

Up until college, I had never stepped foot in a gym.

If someone told my high school friendsthat I would become someone who works out on a regular basis, they probably wouldve lost it.

Although, I have to wonder if high-school-me would have hopped on the elliptical if I knew that just one gym sesh could promise amazing things for my brain.

Despite what our own president has said about the benefits of exercise (or lack-there-of, in his mind), anew review discussingthe impact of acute exercise on brain functionseffectively bursts Trumps uninformed bubble.

The investigators involved in this review, which was published in the journal ,summarized extensive research on the vast cognitive, behavioral, neurophysiological, and neurochemical changes that can come from just a single bout of physical exercise.

Wendy A. Suzuki, PhD, a principal researcher on the study and a professor of neural science and psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University, told EurekAlert! Science News,

Exercise interventions are currently being used to help address everything from cognitive impairments in normal aging, minimal cognitive impairment (MCI), and Alzheimers disease to motor deficits in Parkinsons disease and mood states in depression.

Our review highlights the neural mechanisms and pathways by which exercise might produce these clinically relevant effects.

After examining a large body of research involving both animals and humans, the study authors found that acute exercise was consistently correlated with improved executive function (meaning the mental processes that allow you to plan, focus, and multitask), better mood, and lower stress levels.

So, even if you can only manage to fit in a simple StairMaster sesh once a week, thats still better than nothing.

However, understanding the positive outcomes that can come from just one workout is the first step in recognizing how a long-term fitness lifestyle can literally change how your brain functions over time, and thus how it can change your life for the better.

According to the review, future research plansto bridge the gap between neurological and behavioral changes that can be seen post-exercise, and how these changes differ in humans versus animals.

But, for now, you have no excuse to not squeeze just one workout into your day, your week, your month, or even your year (yes, I do need to stop watching so much, but you also need tostop judging my life).

My apologies POTUS, but the human body is nothing like a battery.

Ill be here doing some burpees, and saving the double As for my remote control.

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